What is Coming?

This site is going to encompass many of the things that make our lives so wonderful. A view on sports that is going to create insight on an athlete’s mind through what he might be facing in a game, workout, or off the field issue. Also creating inspiring stories through interviews and story-telling to shine light on the competitiveness and ability of sports to create friendship and memories that last forever.

From a fashion aspect, we as human beings seek to find the trends to avoid confrontation with the majority of the population around you that seems to “fit in”. Fashion should be about creating self-confidence and allowing yourself to be as comfortable in life as possible. This page is going to seek to show the work that designers spend countless hours on to create a style that is what they had envisioned. Many small stores, designers, and sites need to have their story told, and to have the products put on display to reek the benefits of the hard work they put in. Allowing the readers of this site to be comfortable in many different styles and shine light on small designers and stores that will allow yourself to be your happiest, best-looking, self. Step away from the mainstream.

The lifestyle section is vague but is easily the most intriguing idea this site is based off of. The heartbeat of this whole project is striving to find ways to inspire others and force people to get up, go enjoy life and shine a light on how they can do that. With this project,  we will strive to create high quality videos of towns, hotels, activities and stadiums. The goal being for someone to watch and read about whichever project it may be and be more knowledgeable about how to enjoy that place, or activity. Also throughout doing this throughout funny and entertaining content that is guaranteed to make you smile.

If you can use this site to create motivation for you to get out and create happiness for yourself and others that is a successful day for The Unscripted. Spreading positivity through my ability to convey my thoughts in a comedic, motivating, and optimistic way. 




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