Old Playstation to be Released: The Financial Aspect of Gaming

Somebody at Sony read my blog and spring boarded that into a concept. Not really, but yesterday I posted about the old school video games and my love for them. Striking records to many old consoles despite missing out on early PlayStation’s frankly because I wasn’t a PS player until the 4. BUT I AM ALL THE WAY IN ON THIS. The miniature version will sell for $99 and will be titled “The Classic.”

Everything that is old is fresh again, vintage is an obsession in our world. The original released in 1994 and “The Classic” will be released in December and feature twenty signature games. “Final Fantasy VII” and “Tekken 3” are the two token games that have been confirmed to be on the console. With the billions of dollars in the gaming market, and becoming front and center in the national marketplace, Sony is wildly intelligent for this. The one backlash is that the controller will not be wireless, keeping the old school feel. Also forgetting that I have two dogs, and if I sit on the floor for more than three seconds it results in getting stepped on. After a few soft shoves they will lay down, while I consume anywhere from three to six hours of “Crash Bandicoot” because supposedly it is the greatest game of all time.

Understanding where video games are headed will come from where they have been. The draw in mainstream attention featuring “Overwatch” on tv, ESPN featuring cover stories about gamers, and Twitch growing into a billion-dollar company, the market has never been more open.

A study on The Wall Street Journal stated that when companies tend to re-market an “old-school” or “vintage” product, the consumers are three times more likely to buy than a fresh product. The key point linking the rapid growth in market, a phenomenon in consumer minds and Sony is two-fold. The market has never been larger, someone in every family games in some way. Whether that be an older person who may remember the old PS or a young person who so desires for their dad, friend or whoever it may be, to game with them. A connection, the possibility for multiple people to have a shared interest through in one way a nostalgia game, and the other being, gaming is the most popular thing with these young kids. Streamers for video games are more popular than entire sports rosters. A large number of kids could not name a single player on a MLB, NFL or maybe NBA team other than the few major stars of each sport, but they could list a handful of streamers, you-tubers and content creators. Sony just found something that attracts one person in almost every household, and with approx. 80 million households in the USA and for $100 a piece? I’ll let you do the math.

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