Car on UTC campus engulfed in flames.. (video)

A car was spotted on fire around Decosimo Dormitory on Thursday afternoon. 

After seeing this, my mind immediately went to one place, UTC Parking Services. In regards to the true situation and how dangerous it can be, I hope that all people that were in the car or around are completely okay. The burning desire in my heart to expose the fraudulent acts of the UTC parking community have been awoken in the past month. Monday morning, it was lip crackling cold, the type of cold where you spend more gas warming up your car than actually driving it. As a known person to push the boundaries of scheduling, I was running right on time (presumably a few moments behind) to my class. As I find a promising lot, I see a man walking out to his car, eye contact was made. This is one of those moments in our society where I knew what he was trying to imply and I clearly accepted and appreciated. As soon as he pulls out of the spot, a female drives in to the spot as if it was an Indy Car driver hitting the 3rd turn at 180 plus miles an hour. Expletives were clearly let out, and the tint on the windshield might have saved me from being caught with my own version of sign language. I had to now find a spot quickly, known negative action on campus. I had 50 minutes, to survive class and not receive a ticket if I parked in the reserved lot. I thought to myself, “Karma will be nice to me for my effort in class recently, I’ll make it.” I was wrong, shocking. But making matters worst, on my attempt to escape campus I see one of the biggest general lots, completely barricaded off. No wonder everywhere was so packed, we have four lots of 200 spots for about 5,000 students that may commute and one is now closed.

On to the fire, the parking services have been jumping to an any means necessary much like the war on drugs in the late 20th century. I have seen car’s with multiple boot locks on different tires, as if one won’t already just stop them. We have seen in my case, a clear inside agent pull into a spot before me, forcing me into an option that was not acceptable and then ticketing me. I imagine the girl that did that criminal act was assigned that job by someone at the top, the guy who sits in the fake gate entrance outside the arena. She was told too steal parking spots, follow them, and create a quick $30 profit for the university. Much like I believe that mob that is the UTC Parking Services, created this fire to a poor student who was unable to pay the $300 for a parking spot that actually guarantee’s him/her a spot. He too was scammed by the $150 pass that offers nearly not enough parking for a YMCA. If anyone as else been affected by UTC Parking Service, contact me in signing a petition for parking to actually come with our fees instead of upgrading a street right in the middle of campus.

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